Admissions are open for the classes III to XI (PCMB,PCMC) for more details contact Principal @ 9980138862   Admissions are open for the classes III to XI (PCMB,PCMC) for more details contact Principal @ 9980138862


The Education is intended to develop basic learning skills, reading, writing, arithmetic and life skills, necessary for the children to survive and improve the quality of life. During childhood, developments in the domains of literacy and numeracy take place through acquisition of basic learning competencies (BLC). These competencies represent levels of learning in a particular subject comprising basic knowledge, understanding, abilities, interests, attitudes and values. The competencies are essentially to be acquired by the end of a particular stage or standard of education. As far as the primary stage is concerned it is in fact the foundation stage for the development of basic competencies.

The faculty comprises of highly qualified, educated and devoted individuals. To our experienced faculty, teaching is a way of life and their mission. Teachers are from various fields, to instruct students in diverse subjects. Special training programmes are organized for our faculty on a regular basis to upgrade their skills and knowledge to keep them a step ahead of their contemporaries.


Achievment Standards are the judgements that specify what percentages of students are expected to achieve an acceptable and an excellent level of achievment in relation to each course of studies; i.e., to the relevant curriculum standards. They reflect a community judgement about what is an appropriate expectation for students.

School Rules

The residential facilities include cozy and comfortable rooms which accommodate six children in each with individual beds, study tables, lockers etc. Each floor is attached with bath cum toilets. Solar heaters provide hot water round the season. The school principal, hostel warden and most of the teachers reside within the campus.

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